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Home to many unwanted and abandoned animals

A home for the sick

Refuge for the abandoned

Shelter for the lost

Can you help any of our animals ?

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Visit our Adopt page for animals looking for homes - and our facebook page for regular updates

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Visiting the Rescue Center
visiting is daily by appointment only, except for
Wednesday and Thursday when we are CLOSED for visits and telephone calls.
Please telephone any other day between 11am and 4pm for appointments.
Visit our facebook page for our day to day activities.

Links to Our AMAZON Wishlist and our VETS

Donations of food, toys and medications can be purchased through Amazon and delivered directly to the Rescue with the link below:-
Amazon wish list.

Monetry donations can be made directly to our vets with a credit/debit card to help with our ongoing vet bills.
Telephone - 0115-9677100 to leave a monetry donation https://www.facebook.com/pages/Beeston-Vets4Pets/131846883555698

Thank you for your support

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